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We welcome new enthusiastic, ambitious, and talented IT-professionals to join our growing team. SVEAK is hiring!

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SVEAK is well-known for successful web project development of any complexity owing to the highly qualified team of IT-professionals. Our motto is customer focus and careful working on details of the project in development. Continuous improvement of our team’s professional skills and self-development allows us to guarantee the ultimate achievement of our goals.

Our rapidly expanding company is always pleased to welcome responsible and proactive IT-specialists who are ready to unleash their potential and overwhelm us with new ideas.


If you are a true professional in the world of IT-technologies, looking to work in a friendly team of young professionals, please send your CV at .

Taking care of your health, our company offers fresh fruit, beverages (team coffee, cocoa, etc.), and other daily treats.
There is free parking available on the premises.
A very competitive salary.
International business fairs, conferences, seminars.
We also offer a well-developed system of bonuses and perks.
Regular corporate and team-building events.
Refresher courses and much more!
Foreign candidates will be assisted with relocation (flight tickets, accommodation, sign-in bonus).

Current Job Offers

  • PHP-Developer


    • development of web applications under extremely heavy load (PHP/MySQL, 300+ million users, more than a billion dynamic backend requests a day);
    • programming;
    • development and implementation of high-tech innovative solutions;
    • optimization of web applications, development and implementation of visualisation and monitoring tools.


    • excellent PHP skills (knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the language required);
    • ability to program relational databases (MySQL);
    • understanding of the strategy of optimisation and tuning of web applications using MySQL;
    • project development experience under substantial strain using LAMP-technology;
    • focus on results;
    • ability to work in a team;
    • punctuality and responsibility
  • Front-end-Developer


    • development of client-end web applications;
    • active involvement in the development process;
    • improvement of the build process of static resources;
    • development and implementation of high-tech innovations


    • understanding of the component approach in the development of web interfaces;
    • adaptive and cross-browser imposition skills;
    • excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3;
    • confident JavaScript/AJAX user;
    • ability to work with ReactJS, Ember, and AngularJS frameworks;
    • ability to work with template engines, understanding of operation principles;
    • knowledge of customer optimisation techniques;
    • ability to work independently and in a team, time management;
    • ability to quickly understand codes written by colleagues;
    • ability to analyse the problem and suggest solutions in the shortest possible time, result-oriented;
    • ability to work in a team;
    • punctuality and reliability
  • Database Developer


    • writing, modification, and optimisation of business logic in databases of accounting systems (billing, CRM) and VoIP-solutions;
    • improving the performance of existing software modules;
    • advising PO developers on the realisation specifics of business logic in databases.


    • experience as database programmer for DBMS Postgres or Oracle;
    • experience in writing stored procedures, functions, and triggers, optimisation of SQL-queries;
    • excellent knowledge of SQL, PL/pgSQL or PL/SQL;
    • participation in the development of heavy duty systems, systems with high demands on availability;
    • ability to work in a team;
    • punctuality and reliability
  • Test Engineer (QA)


    • analysis of information system requirements;
    • TORs and specifications for the development and change of information systems;
    • developing and maintaining of test plans for information systems in development;
    • execution of functional, regression, load, and stress testing software;
    • deployment and maintenance of test environments


    • experience in software testing;
    • knowledge of modern techniques and software testing methodologies, software development and general principles of structured programming;
    • knowledge of methods and tools for the development of test scripts and codes, software used in the process of software testing, quality standards in the field of information technology, order of drawing up technical specifications and other types of software documentation;
    • knowledge of protocols, standards, and information sharing technologies on the Internet;
    • ability to work in a team;
    • punctuality and reliability
  • Linux System Administrator


    • administration of systems based on Linux;
    • configuration and maintenance of web servers, setting up test environments for web development teams;
    • setting and tracking databases based on MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL;
    • setting monitoring options for selected servers and services.


    • experience as Linux/Unix system administrator;
    • excellent knowledge of Debian Linux-distributions;
    • experience in database server deployment based on MySQL/MariaDB using replication and balancing schemes, ability to create SQL-queries and perform optimisation settings specified in DBMS;
    • experience in tuning web servers based on Nginx/Apache2 in different combinations, working with PHP5;
    • experience in parameter monitoring of web services based on Zabbix or Nagios;
    • knowledge of bash/sh, awk, sed, ability to write automation scripts in one of the programming languages: PHP / Python;
    • punctuality and reliability
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  • Complete technical interview
  • Become a part of the team

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